The best bank account – what features should it have

A bank account is currently standard. Accumulation of money in the proverbial sock is not only inconvenient, but above all unprofitable. What should you expect from an ideal personal account? What should it have? Check if your personal account is really the best.

Why a bank account?


Let’s start from the basics. Having a personal account nowadays is quite obvious. At least because of the need to collect remuneration for work in the form of transfers. Currently, the employer extremely rarely pays money to the proverbial “hand”. Transferring the payment to the employee’s bank account is not only much more convenient, but above all safer for the funds deposited.

Having a personal account also has a number of other advantages.

  • the ability to store cash in a safe place.
  • access to accumulated funds around the clock almost all over the world.
  • use of ATM and payment cards.
  • and above all convenience.

ATM and payment cards available as part of the banks’ offers are one of the most popular means of payment. No need to store real cash in your wallet is also an additional security for both accumulated funds and their owner. Losing money or robbery is neither pleasant nor profitable for anyone. A personal bank account gives you the opportunity to reduce the likelihood of similar situations.

How to choose the best bank account

How to choose the best bank account

When there is no doubt that having a personal bank account is the right solution, you should decide on the best account. Contrary to appearances, due to the extensive range of bank accounts available on the market, this choice is not easy. To make your decision easier, you should consider the features of your best bank account. A thorough analysis and comparison of the offers available on the market will allow you to choose the most advantageous option. The easiest way to do this is by using our calculator and ranking of bank accounts.

So what to expect from an ideal personal account? The basic parameters that should be noted first include costs, access to services or communication with the bank.

The cost of the personal account

It is obvious that anyone who chooses a personal account does not want to incur too much costs resulting from having it. To avoid unpleasant surprises related to this topic, it is worth analyzing this parameter in the offers available on the market before choosing the right personal account.

The cost of keeping the invoice


When analyzing the costs associated with maintaining a personal account, one should take into account not only the cost of running the account itself, but also the fees for using the bank account services. A free account will actually be free only if the owner of the bank account is also not charged with the costs of making transfers or a commission for having an ATM or credit card.

In the latter case, it is worth paying special attention to the rules of using the payment card. It is particularly important whether the bank imposes a non-cash payment amount on the owner, after which the use of the card is indeed free when exceeded. The limits mentioned above usually oscillate around PLN 200-400.

However, it is worth knowing this parameter to be aware that paying by card for even everyday shopping can be more profitable. In addition, before choosing a personal account, it is worth comparing the required amount of monthly card payments. The lower the amount, the more real the possibility of achieving it.

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