Tax refund to a bank account

Once a year there is a time when you must settle for the previous tax year. The attitude should largely depend on whether you will have to pay extra tax as a result of the settlement or, on the contrary, receive a tax refund to your bank account.

For some it is a very stressful occupation, for others it is very pleasant. The Tax Office sends the tax refund by postal order or, if it has our account number, transfers the tax refund due to us to the bank account. Is it worth providing your account number to the tax office? What are the benefits and disadvantages?

Threats associated with reporting a bank account number to the tax office

From the information I hear, I know that some people are afraid to give their bank number to the tax office. They fear that after reporting every move on their account will be under the magnifying glass of officials.

The above fears are groundless because, firstly, it would require the involvement of a much larger army of officials to track the actions of each taxpayer.

Secondly, the tax office has the right to control your finances without your consent and knowledge. Also, if you need it for any reason (e.g., as a result of suspected tax offense) to know your account number, the bank will quickly provide all information about you. Of course, for the purposes of tax refund, you must report your bank account number yourself.

How to report your account number to the tax office

To do this, you must go to your tax office and submit the ZAP-3 form there if you are a natural person who does not run a business. If you are conducting business, you must submit the application using the CEIDG-1 form at the commune office.

It is worth sending an application before submitting your PIT so that officials can enter the account into the system.

How much tax refund can my bank account take?

The tax office has 3 months to transfer money to the taxpayer, so for a postal order it will take a maximum of 3 months and a few days, and using a bank account a few days faster.

Three months is the maximum period and often the office makes an earlier tax refund.

It is worth remembering that if you make a correction to your tax return, the 3-month period starts running on the day of submitting the correction. Hence, it’s worth spending the time calculating your tax accurately and completing your tax return reliably.

How to fill in your PIT tax return for 2012 efficiently?


Having a computer connected to the internet, we have access to many free programs supporting tax settlement for 2012. Often, these programs lead us through the process of completing PIT, step by step through forms and explaining their content.

How do you find a good PIT tax return program? Just go to the search engine website: and enter in the search box: program pit 2012. Google will present many search results and everyone will find the perfect program that suits their tastes.

There are so many programs that there is no need to use paid programs.

A tax refund to a bank account is a simpler solution than using postal order. Due to the fact that the Tax Office knows your account number, you will receive money faster and you will not lose time waiting for the postman to visit or visit the post office.

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