erectile dysfunction

silagraA large percentage of men with diabetes had a major surgery or the elderly, suffer from erectile dysfunction and experience and a number of other sexual problems. The decision to improve your sex life today when medicine is so advanced, depends entirely on them. Putting penile implant procedure is proven recovery of 100% of erection, ejaculation and orgasm in men. Talk with Dr. Wu, routinely perform procedures for placing an implant in the penis. The clinic is known that maintains an extremely high level of medical service and develop urological activities in various fields, including laser treatment for enlarged prostate with green laser and laparoscopic treatment of prostate cancer

First, they can have confidence that the product itself will not cause any inconvenience will be spotted even from their partner will not cause a reaction. Of all the types of implants used medicine today, these are the products at a better understanding of the human body. Then they can rely practically until the end of his life stable, prolonged erection and ability to have sex. Moreover, as often as they wish. The guarantee, which gives the manufacturer 12 million erections.
Of course, after placing reserve completely the sensitivity of members and orgasm in men as it does not affect nerves. After hundreds made such operations can say that implants are safe and highly effective solution for the man. Something more important – is preserved and the normal ejaculation – i. E. The discharge of sperm, and women with implants can have children, if they choose.